INGRID Project

The INGRID Project

The information here provided is available on the project official website

Ingrid stands for High-capacity hydrogen-based green-energy storage solutions for grid balancing, it is a EU funded project under FP7, still in executon phase. ingrid-vision-and-concept

The INGRID project will address some of the key-challenges related to the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources s into the grid:

  1. Management of highly fluctuation of RES (e.g. Wind) → supply-demand balancing.
  2. Congestion of transmission → excess electricity curtailing from the grid.
  3. Improvement of distribution operation → active/reactive power control for optimal voltage regulation and power quality.

The INGRID concept is for an overall system which will be able to manage in real-time damping of the RES power fluctuations that are conveyed at the power grid by flowing excess off-peak electricity into the Smart Grid and/or the INGRID Green Energy Storage system (GES), by means of an intelligent, Energy Management System (EMS), which intelligently and adaptively monitor and control energy flows among the INGRID subsystems, including the hydrogen solid storage units (HSS).

Within the INGRID project, the InnSight engineers took part in key phases of both the project design and also of the engineering phase.