Our services

  • We think and design

    Our aim is to design sustaibale innovation and engineer technology to serve industrial strategies and citizens needs. We span our design services from new and sustainable energy solutions aimed to reduce the energy costs of industries and public organizations to metallurgy based on superlight alloys as aluminium and magnesium.

  • We engineer and build

    We build demonstrators and pilots that are validated in real environment and delivered to the market. We have extensive knowledge of public funds to build up technology demonstrators at industrial/real scale as proof of concept. This reduces your feasibility study and technology start-up phase costs by 60% and up to 100%.

  • We validate

    Thanks to the InnSight partners and network all over Europe we can involve in projects and demonstrators engineering, industrial and private end users and technology validators to assess the technology development and accelerate the successful market introduction.

  • We deliver

    We built our experience on the field by delivering innovations in several sectors, from renewable energy for industry, to green mobility solutions, from superlight alloys based on aluminium and magnesium to production of magnesium from seawater by sustainable routes.
    We deliver innovation and technology.

We sustainably innovate. We engineer technology projects. We deliver innovation.

The InnSight engineers and researchers testify together more than 20 years of experience by designing and developing technologies and projects in diverse industries and application.

Some examples?
Yes, green urban mobility system, renewable energy sources integrated into the electrical grid, energy management system design, sustainable hydrogen production and storage, stable and controlled electricity production from green sources, green port for sustainable maritime docks.

We innovate by solid and semi solid metallurgic industrial process, industrial processes and plant for innovative magnesium based alloys, structural aluminum and magnesium based components for motor, automotive and train.

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About Us

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish” is the mantra for innovators, as well as at the InnSight Team. We’re strongly committed to keep our mind fresh, dynamic and hungry in order to deliver high quality engineering and design through dreams, ideas, inspirations, creativity, experience and people.

In many projects and years of experience we touched by our hands the ultimate innovation, the most advanced technology, the richest cultural melting pot: what we want to add and build is to get the most positive experience and ideas into sustainable and innovative technology, to serve industrial needs, strategies ambition and also people’s innovative dreams as well as the environment, health and good lifestyle of European citizens.

We’re a pool of engineers, researchers and industrial managers active in the green technology development. We believe in hydrogen, renewable energy sources, innovative materials, light magnesium and aluminum based alloys, sustainable industrial process, green mobility and transportation.
We think. We design. We engineer. We build. We validate. We deliver.

We sustainably innovate.

Our competences

Strategic Thinking


Technology skills


Innovation approach




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